Range Shooting - Duo pack: 2 guns & 30 shots

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A once in a lifetime opportunity to experience shooting legendary guns! Guns like the AK47, M16, SA58, shotguns, sniper rifles and more await you on the indoor range shooting in Prague. Undergo weapon safety and instruction training with our professional instructors and test your marksmanship with your group of friends to see who’s the sharpest shooter. You will learn how to handle, load and unload these real firearms in a safe and friendly environment.

Discover the thrill of firing some of the world’s greatest firearm brands and test your skills. Choose from one of our specially designed packs below. What to do in Prague - try the best range shooting!



Indoor: 30-45 minutes from Prague city center
Outdoor: 45-60 minutes from Prague city center


2,5 - 4 hours, including transport, depending on group size

Price includes

  • Transports from our city center easy to find meeting point (where you can deposit your bags)
    Or we can of course pick you up at a place of your choice within Prague city limits

  • instructors and all equipment
  • Drink, range entrance fee, briefing, ammunition, targets, protective aids
  • AK 47 Kalashnikov assault rigle 7,62 x 39 mm - 15 shots
  • AR 15 .223 Remington (M16) or 9 mm Luger - 15 shots

Availability and Pickup

All year round, daily form 8am to 6pm


Price per person

70 € for groups of 1 up to 4
67 € for groups of 5 up to 8
63 € for groups of 9 +

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