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Tandem jump + Gun Shooting (The Five Pack)

Try what a normal day in a life of a SWAT member is like, combine mind-boggling adventure of jumping out of a plane and then finish the great feeling with shooting some things up! This is a day you will never forget!

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Skydiving - 60 mins ride from the city center, Gun Shooting - 30 mins


Skydiving cca 5 hours + 1,5 hours shooting, transfers incl. 

Price includes

Tandem jump skydiving from 4000 meter
The Five Pack shooting package
  • Transports from our city center easy to find meeting point (where you can deposit your bags)
  • Or we can of course pick you up at a place of your choice within Prague city limits

Availability and Pickup

April-November (skydiving is weather dependant)


Price per person

270 € for groups of 1 up to 4
260 € for groups of 5 up to 8

250 €

for groups of 9 and more

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