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Tandem jump + Gun Shooting (The BIG Five)

Another great package we prepared for you! Try shooting off legendary guns like Kalashnikov and Scorpion before jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Why would you do that, you say? What about it does not sound totaly awesome action packed day? !!!

Read more about skydiving or gun shooting. See pricing and options below.



Skydiving - 60 mins ride from the city center, Gun Shooting - 30 mins


Skydiving cca 5 hours + 1,5 hours shooting, transfers incl.

Price includes

  • Tandem jump skydiving from 4200 meters
  • The Big Five shooting package
  • Transports from our city center easy to find meeting point (where you can deposit your bags)
    Or we can of course pick you up at a place of your choice within Prague city limits

Availability and Pickup

April-November (skydiving is weather dependant)


280 € for groups of 1 up to 4
270 € for groups of 5 up to 8
260 € for groups of 9 and more

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