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Fly like a bird, swim like a dolphin! The Flyboard is a water sports apparatus which allows propulsion under the water and in the air; it could be compared to a powered wakeboard. The nozzles under your feet put out 90% of the propulsion and allow movement by tilting your feet and tilting the Flyboard, the nozzles on the hands are used to help stabilization.

The Flyboard is connected to a jet ski, where sits an instructor and with the help of detracting and adding a gas, he is pushing the water into the nozzles of this apparatus and this way he can correct you, if it is necessary. The Flyboard is very intuitive, similar to learning to ride a bike, water-ski or surfing.

Usually after 10 minutes learning with the instructor you can already control the Flyboard very easily, move under the water and challenge the gravity flying in the air! Try flyboarding!



30 minutes ride from the centre


2 - 3 hours, including transfers

Price includes

  • hotel pick up and return
  • wetsuit, lifejacket, helmet
  • briefing
  • 15 minutes on the water
  • English speaking instructor
  • shower facilities

Availability and Pickup

April - October (weather dependant)


Price per person includes 15 minutes flight on the Water, All transfers, English speaking instructor, All gear rental, Shower facilities

105 € for groups of 1 up to 2
94 € for groups of 3 up to 6
90 € for groups of 7 and more

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